The Temples of Venus and Rome
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Type of print: Steel engraving - Original vintage antique print
Year of printing: 1820
Artist - Engraver - Publisher: Miss Batty (in 1817) - Corbould - London, Rodwell & Martin
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incl. blank margins: 9 x 11 inches. 1 inch = 2,54 cm.
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of the subject depicted in the print
(from the original source):

WITHIN the boundary of the garden of the Olivetani are seen the remains of this double temple, by Palladio and Labacco supposed to have been dedicated to the Sun and Moon.  Each terminates in a great niche: one opened upon the temple of Peace, the other faced the Coliseum: they are decorated precisely in the same manner.  The sides of the interior have columns between niches, alternately square and round: the roof was vaulted, and relieved by caissons of stucco and painting.   No remain has been known by a greater number of designations than this; but Nardini has perhaps rightly deemed it the temple of Venus and Rome.  Dion states, in his life of Hadrian, that he sent the plair of bis temple to Apollodorus, to show that architect that beautiful edifices might be raised in Rome without his assistance. The form of the two halls, their junction, communication, decoration, as well as proximity to the temple of Peace, with which they stand square, has led some antiquaries to imagine these apartments connected with that edifice, conjectured by them to be remains of baths.

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