Ruins of the Old Fort
Connanicut, Rhode Island
Another Quality Print from Martin2001

Type of print: Steel engraving - Original vintage antique print
Year of printing: not indicated in the print. Est. 1840s
Artist - Engraver - Publisher: n/a - n/a - John Tallis & Company, London and New York
Condition: Excellent - Very good - Good - Fair.
Overall dimensions of print:
Including blank margins : 7 x 10 1/2 inches. 1 inch = 2,54 cm.
Type of paper: Thick - Heavier, wove - Medium heavy - Slightly heavier - Thin.
Reverse side: Blank - With text or pictures.
Notes:  1. Green 'border' around the print in the photo is a contrasting background on which the print was photographed, it is not part of the print. 2. See shipping, returns, terminology, etc. at the bottom of page.

of the subjects depicted in the print:

The small vignette engravings include: Arrival of the French off Rhode Island, 1780 -- Washington holds a Council of War at Hartford, 1780

An excerpt from the original description:

The island of Conanicut or Connanicut, as it is sometimes written, lies in Narraganset Bay, in the county of Newport, and state of Rhode Island, about three miles west of the pleasant town of Newport. Conanicut extends toward the north between seven and eight miles, and as far south as the most southern portion of Rhode Island; its average breadth being about one mile. The western shore is about three miles from the Narraganset coast; and on this point is the village of Jamestown. It was purchased of the Indians in 1657, and was incorporated by its present name, in 1678. The soil is remarkably luxuriant, producing grain and grass in great abundance. There are about five hundred inhabitants in the village. The south end of the Island is called 'Beaver's Tail' and here the Rhode Island light-house was erected in 1749, for the convenience and safety of vessels sailing in the bay of Narraganset, and the harbor of Newport. The ground at this place is twelve feet above the surface of the sea at high tide. From the earth to the top of the light-house cornice, it is fifty-eight feet. There is a gallery around this part of the building, and within stands the lantern, which is eleven feet high and eight feet in diameter.

In the same quarter of the island may be seen the "Old Fort Conanicut." This is an ancient circular fortress. It once served to guard the passage of Narraganset Bay, but is now in a dilapidated and deserted state. The present appearance of its ruins is correctly delineated in the above engraving.

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