Monte Video
The Residence anf Tower of Daniel Wadsworth, Esq.
Talcot Mountain near Hartford

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Type of print: Steel engraving - Original vintage antique print
Year of printing: not indicated in the print. Est. 1860s
Artist - Engraver - Publisher: n/a - n/a - John Tallis & Company, London and New York
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of the subjects depicted in the print:

The small vignette engravings include: Emigration from Massachusetts, 1636 -- Death of Sassacus, the Pegnod Chief

The first tower stood about thirty years and was blown down. It was replaced by Mr. Wadsworth, by a similar one, but ten feet higher, also constructed of wood. No representation of this second tower can be found, except in a wooden model, made by its builder, Mr. Nathaniel Woodhouse, now in possession of Mrs. Oliver Woodhouse, who has kindly permitted a copy. In 1848, Mr. Wadsworth died, and Monte Video and the tower passed into the ownership of David C. Collins who still allowed the public to visit it. In 1864, July 19th, the tower was burned. Much of interest concerning the old towers and Mr. Wadsworth, might be written if space allowed. His large estate, left in charge of trustees — he having no children — was finally settled, in 1882, thirtyfour years after his death, by Jonathan F. Morris, in charge of t heirs under the provisions of his will. In 1867, M. H. Bartlett and Charles A. Kellogg buiit the third tower; which was also of wood, sixty feet high, built with landings and outlook. Its

was on higher ground, a quarter of a mile north of the old towers, and the only road leading to it was constructed from the north, or from the Simsbury road to Hartford. The famous "Royal View" was on this road. A refreshment house and sheds for horses were built near the tower and an admission fee was charged. In 1868, D. VV. Bartlett, Washington correspondent of the Independent and Springfield Republican, purchased "Monte Video," and a road south from the new tower was constructed around the east side of the lake connecting at the lodge with the old Wadsworth road, thus making an approach to the new tower from cither Simsbury road or Albany turnpike. The new tower had visitors from all directions, sometimes a whole town having a picnic there. In 1869, M. H. Bartlett purchased the interest of Mr. Kellogg, and in 1872 he purchased "Monte Video," the next year, however, selling the lake, cultivated grounds, and old Wadsworth mansion, to Henry C. Judd, of Hartford.

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